New Music To Know: Feels Brought To You By Kat Dahlia, Jessie Reyes, & More

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As if Fridays weren’t your favorite day already, Refinery29 will also be gathering the best new music out each week, and breaking down why each track deserves a spot on your weekend playlist.
I'm not here to make you get emotional, but it's likely that this selection of new music might just do that; this week's edition of New Music Fridays features a lineup of songs that will hit you right in the feels. The stunning new singles offer up with some poignant self-reflection ("No One's in the Room," "Farewell"), comment on the terror of the times ("Supermarket Riot"), and explore the nuance of grown-up relationships ("Be Here in the Morning"). It's time to feel all of the things.

Shay Lia, “Love Me, Love Me Not”

Vulnerability looks good on Shay Lia. In "Love Me, Love Me Not," the singer refuses to balk at the possibility of rejection, eloquently pouring out her feelings without worrying about being let down.

Lupa J, “Supermarket Riots”

Australian singer-songwriter-producer Lupa J poetically verbalizes the anxiety of month who-even-knows of the global pandemic, bringing our deepest fears about the future of our world to life with equally chilling post-apocalyptic visuals.

Joy Denalane ft. CS Armstrong, “Be Here in the Morning”

The German Queen Of Soul strikes again, exchanging dreamy melodies with CS Armstrong in new single "Be Here in theMorning." The pair perfectly embodies the sounds of classic soul, their sweet vocals sharing a narrative of lovers who have reached a fork in the road of their relationship.

Gwen Bunn ft. Faith Evans, "Between the Lines"

R&B powerhouses Gwen Bunn and Faith Evans team up for this sultry song about sticking through the toughest times of a relationship. The moody collaboration is kismet; it seamlessly samples Evans' "Soon As I Get Home" and was released 25 years after the R&B classic hit airwaves.
Get all our recommendations. Listen to the full New Music To Know in 2020 playlist on Spotify:

Kat Dahlia, “Facil”

Breaking up is hard to do, but with Kat Dahlia's help, getting over your heartbreak will be "Facil." Her recipe for moving on? Pulling yourself out of bed and remembering how fire you are. Easy as that.

Qveen Herby, "Farewell"

Qveen Herby continues her streak of new releases with "Farewell," empowering self-love anthem about leaving toxicity in the past and stepping into something new. And if you're struggling to evolve, just know that growth takes time — after all, "right before you start to walk, all bitches have to crawl."

Jessie Reyes, "NO ONE'S IN THE ROOM"

Jessie Reyes does some soul searching in "NO ONE'S IN THE ROOM," thinking out loud about her identity and how she came to be who she is today. Deeply personal yet relatable, the single may inspire you to take a hard look in the mirror.

Hope Tala, "All My Girls Like to Fight"

Hope Tala conjures up drama and passion in her new flamenco-inspired R&B single, encouraging women to rely on their inner fighter to make it through the storms of life.

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