Being Hit On By Creeps? This (Kinda Mean) App’s For You

It is a scenario that every young lady, since the end of the era of chaperones and arranged marriages, has undoubtedly experienced: the dude who just does not get the hint. He won't go away without some digits, and over time, most girls discover their own coping mechanisms for shutting down unwanted advances. And if they haven't, gun-shy gals now have a new option for handling a hot-headed Lothario. Enter LoCreep, a free, web-based service that generates an anonymous number and let's a harassed lady share her unwelcome paramour's creepy advances...via a social network.
Each LoCreep member gets her (or his, we suppose, as this seems equal opportunity) own number to dole out to unsuspecting creepers. If an overexcited Romeo calls up the phone, he gets a cheerful, nameless voicemail, and his message is transcribed. Next time the creep's victim signs on, she and her social network can respond, read texts, make notes or share the convo via Tumblr or Twitter. Perhaps the sentence is harsher than the crime — making fun of a guy who is romantically challenged seems a bit cruel — but it's a tool we've all wished for, at one point or another! What do you think, fair game, or crossing the line?

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