Neverland Ranch Fire Sale, Horyn Stalks Obama, and Out at Playboy

jacko-jacket-refinery29Jacko's jackets are up for auction and going cheap! Good for that "smooth criminal" look. (NYT)
Olivier Theyskens to Halston? Niiiice. (Hint)
Cathy Horyn gets crazy obsessive over Mrs. O's trip to the E.U. (NYT)
Nat is out at Fashionista. Good luck, lass. (Fashionista)
Kate Moss wants to grow up to be Liz Taylor. Careful what you wish for. (NYP)
Sienna Miller also puts her foot in her mouth. (Knight Cat)
Playboy's fashion director was fired for being old and gay. So… confused… (Gothamist)

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