The Lazy-Girl's Guide To Making A Twist-Out Last All Week

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Going natural is a little like splurging on a BMW 3 series. Yeah, you look fly as hell, and you can expect compliments galore — but don't be surprised when you see the monster maintenance bill. It is a LOT of work. You've got to make sure your hair is moisturized, detangled, trimmed, twisted... the list of tasks (and the length of wash day) can feel endless.
While learning how to keep up with my own 4c curls, I often wondered (and Googled) lazy ways to take care of my hair at night. I often don't have time or enough patience to re-twist after a long day of work. And it turns out, I don't have to.
"Women like to wear their hair big and out all the time. But, as I often tell my clients, it's much better to leave your twists in for at least a week and build on the untwisting of it," says hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood, who works with Issa Rae, Ava DuVernay, Skai Jackson, and more.
Scroll on to see how Leatherwood makes twist-outs last a whole week.
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Day 1: Twist It Out

Style your twist-out on freshly washed or co-washed hair at the top of the week, making sure to coat your hair with the cream, spray, or gel of your choice for optimum definition. See our favorite curl creams here. (I'm a Cantu girl through and through.)
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Day 2-3: Pin It Up

As the week progresses, you can begin to take the twists out, starting from the back. Pin or braid them into an updo on the top or front of your head, Leatherwood instructs.
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Day 4: Go Halfsies

If you're not ready to untwist all of your hair, no worries. "After a while, undo just the middle," Leatherwood notes. "Keep your twists up on the side to create a fro hawk. Then you can just throw a bonnet on it at night."
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Day 5: Try A Pinneaple

If you've got lots of thick hair, a pineapple (which is a high ponytail that sits on top of the head) can be a little tricky to achieve. But the work is worth it when it transforms into this amazing puff.
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You can get creative with your pineapples, too, like Mariana Santos. Make two twin puffs, or pin your hair into a curly bun.
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Day 6

At the end of the week, reach for your favorite head scarf. Here are five places where you can find wraps made by Black women.
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Day 7: Wash Day!

If You Have Short Hair

If you don't have the length to do a pineapple or curly ponytail, heed Leatherwood's advice. Instead of re-twisting your hair every night, just take some cream in the morning and only twist the areas that are flat. "Dry it with a diffuser, and it'll blend right in with the rest of your hair," Leatherwood says.
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