The Lazy-Girl's Guide To Making A Twist-Out Last All Week

Photo: Getty Images.
Going natural is a little like splurging on a BMW 3 series. Yeah, you look fly as hell, and you can expect compliments galore — but don't be surprised when you see the monster maintenance bill. It is a LOT of work. You've got to make sure your hair is moisturized, detangled, trimmed, twisted... the list of tasks (and the length of wash day) can feel endless.
While learning how to keep up with my own 4c curls, I often wondered (and Googled) lazy ways to take care of my hair at night. I often don't have time or enough patience to re-twist after a long day of work. And it turns out, I don't have to.
"Women like to wear their hair big and out all the time. But, as I often tell my clients, it's much better to leave your twists in for at least a week and build on the untwisting of it," says hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood, who works with Issa Rae, Ava DuVernay, Skai Jackson, and more.
Scroll on to see how Leatherwood makes twist-outs last a whole week.

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