Blogger Natalie Suarez Talks About Her Cool Collab, Cali Style, & More

Photo: Via Natalie Off Duty
We’re firm believers that all great things come in pairs: peanut butter and jelly, Yoko and John, we could seriously go on all day. So, when we caught wind of the mega-cool team-up between bloggers Natalie Suarez and sister Dylana Suarez and cult-followed NYC shoe company Modern Vice, we had to get the 411. Especially since we consider these babies the quintessential S.F. ankle boot.
We caught up with Natalie Suarez who talked about the line of hot soles (sold at Rand + Statler) and her cool Cali style. Read on for our Q&A and be sure to peep the sweet steppers here.
Tell us more about the collab and how it came to fruition.
"I’ve always been really passionate about domestic manufacturing and met Jordan Adoni when he was at his family’s company, Pour La Victoire, and we stayed in touch. When he opened the Modern Vice factory he asked my sister and I to help design one shoe. We made our dream boot. It was like a rock and roll, boho, everyday, city-girl boot. Dylana was reading The Runaways at the time and we called it the 'Jett' and it stuck. From there we just started making more and more styles."
Do you have a favorite out of all the shoes you’ve designed?
"Right now I really like the cheetah-print Bennie, because it is a little bit of a simpler version. But, I wear them all, so it’s hard to choose."
We know you recently moved to NYC from L.A., what’s one thing you really miss about the West Coast?
"I miss the weather. I miss that it is laid-back and a slower pace, but I do love the never-ending, busy feel of NYC.”
Have you seen your style evolve since the move?
"Definitely. When I was living in California I was very bohemian, and I still am, but now I feel like I am more tailored and put together. But, still with that rock and roll, boho vibe."
Is this your first time in S.F.? What are your plans?
"I’ve only been here three times, so not that much. It’s very refreshing to be back, though. I want to do more vintage shopping while I am here."
What can we expect from the collab in upcoming months?
"Well, we have so many new styles. Every day we go in and come up with something new. You never know, our plan is to keep building it."

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