I Had A Low-Key Wedding & Here’s What It Cost

Photographed by Winnie Au.
Paying for a wedding is no easy task, and expenses can vary by tens of thousands, depending on size, location, and type of event. We asked one recent bride to spill the beans — anonymously, of course — on every wedding-related expense, from the invitations to the Southern food, at her Nashville wedding.
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Job: Editor
Location: Nashville, Tennessee
Salary: $34,400/year
Partner's salary: $78,000/year
Number of bridesmaids: 4
I planned everything myself, with help from my mom. My parents paid for pretty much everything except the rehearsal dinner, my dress alterations and shoes, my husband's suit, our license, and our rings.
I didn't hire a wedding planner. I met with the caterer's event coordinator twice, and she was extremely helpful in advising where to put the tables, how much food to order, etc. A day-of wedding coordinator was included in our wedding-services package provided by the church. We paid her $350.
We didn't have an engagement party, and we didn't host a brunch the day after the wedding. The "DJ" at our reception was also free — my wonderfully generous cousins put together a bomb-ass playlist for the reception and didn't charge us a dime.

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