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Is This Nifty Balm The Ultimate Weak-Nails Cure?

nail butter embed-1Photo Courtesy of Nail Butter
"My nail beds suck." This Mean Girls line is famous for being the most hilarious exaggeration of female self-criticism ever written by Tina Fey — but I could relate to poor Karen's complaint. I can't say I necessarily have a complex about it, but I'm also keenly aware that I have relatively small hands for my 5-foot-9 stature, along with nails that are a little, well, stumpy and kinda sad-looking. Couple this with weak nails that always seem to be peeling and cuticles that start springing hangnails at the slightest hint of dry air or cold temperatures, and I've grown to feel like my hands never really measure up. (I know, I know — break out your tiny violin for this so-sad predicament.)
So, when I discovered a new product called Nail Butter claiming to moisturize and nourish nails and cuticles to make them naturally healthy and stronger, of course I was hopeful that I'd finally get my long-awaited nail-bed makeover. Sadly, no product would be able to replace my short fingers with hand-model digits, but the idea of an all-natural product that was easy to use, would moisturize my ragged cuticles, and could give me prettier nails in the process was enough to leave me eagerly awaiting my product to review.
And, indeed, this nifty little item more than lived up to the hype I assigned to it. I was delighted to find the balm housed in a charming bronze tin, and I was absolutely blown away by how incredible it smelled. The heavenly gardenia scent was not a part of the product pitch — but it should have been. I imagined how I could slip this tiny tin into my bag to instantly transport myself to Hawaii when I inevitably got stuck on putrid subway cars this summer. But, I was on Operation Nail-Bed Makeover, so I tried to put my initial swooning aside in order to provide an unbiased review of the product's nourishing powers over the course of a week.
For seven days, I dutifully applied the lanolin-and-beeswax-packed balm to my nails and cuticles twice daily. (It wasn't exactly a chore — see above regarding the heavenly scent.) Now, I wouldn't necessarily say I have a new set of nails, but they do seem to be stronger. I haven't had one break or chip for an entire week, which is kind of a major feat in my book. And, my cuticles? I'm not sure it's possible to have cuticles that glow, but if it were, mine would be positively luminescent. Any redness or snagging has totally cleared up, and I feel, for the first time, like one of those women who simply has nice hands (rather than a well-executed manicure).
If you're looking for a miracle solution that will give you "hard as wraps" tips, this may not be it. But, even if it doesn't perform the mani makeover you were hoping for, you'll still end up with what is essentially a gardenia perfume for $13. I'd say that's a win-win.
Nail Butter Nail Enhancer, $13.65, available at Nail Butter.

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