This Is Our Jam: My Bloody Valentine, MBV (Full Album Stream)

Better late than never may as well be Kevin Shields' mantra, and in keeping with tradition, it took the famed perfectionist more than two decades to follow up My Bloody Valentine's shoegaze masterpiece Loveless. Yet, here we are in 2013 with a brand-new My Bloody Valentine album sitting in our laps (or on our computers), and it sounds exactly like the sonic and spiritual follow-up we'd hoped for.
Released via its website, MBV is nine tracks of the blown-out shoegaze that we'd have expected from the Dublin band. If anything, it's disconcerting just how much like a follow-up it sounds like, even down to the drum and bass-inspired turn of final track "Wonder 2," which would surely have been hailed as wonderfully experimental in the early '90s. While it's going to take a while to sink in, it's just great to hear new music that's unmistakably My Bloody Valentine. Listen to the album in its entirety below.
My Bloody Valentine – MBV

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