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Be The Queen Of Coachella With This Crown Braid Hair Tutorial

When it comes to festival hair, it truly is anything-goes. Cole Porter would be so proud. We've seen all kind of interesting headgear, and we love to see people getting into the spirit of the shows and expressing their personality and love of the music. So when we saw that our friends at Free People had posted this cool DIY tutorial on creating a crown braid for Coachella (or any of the festivals, really), we had to share it with you guys.
We mean, it involves pastel dye, pretty braids, and a regal crown made out of hair — what's not to love? Check out the tutorial to learn how they created this dreamy 'do, plus pick up some handy braiding tips (always useful) in the process. Now you're ready to tackle those upcoming days of sun, shows, and sweat in style. (Free People)

Photo: Courtesy of Free People