Why Your Snot Is Actually Good For You

When you're three days deep into a cold, there's nothing you'd like more than to be rid of snot. But this new video from Ted Ed would like to remind you that mucus is actually a good thing. The first thing to know is that your body doesn't just make mucus when you're sick. You actually make a whole liter (yes, that's one liter) of it every day, which coats your eyes, nose, mouth, and organs. The mucus you produce keeps those surfaces from getting too dry and cracking, which could open them up to infections. It also protects your insides from stomach acid and flushes out substances that could otherwise cause illness, such as dust and bacteria. And, as we've written before, snotty mucus is one of many tools your immune system uses to fight off an infection. That wave of extra phlegm we usually get as a symptom of the common cold is not the illness itself but rather your body's response to the illness. So what feels gross and unpleasant to you is actually your body doing everything it can to keep you safe — whether or not you're currently sick. Just because it can be pretty gross doesn't mean it isn't helpful (and it's probably saving you from a lot of even grosser stuff). Check out the video below to get the full scoop.

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