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This Is Our Jam: MS MR, “Hurricane”

MS MR is the sort of Internet-age pop project that begs to be blogged about, (proof positive: this post). It has all the key narrative ingredients — anonymity, sexuality (their name may well refer to the duo’s male and female halves), and the compelling imagery to back up their sound. And the new video for “Hurricane,” which has been splattering the web with its rapid-fire visuals, plays like A Clockwork Orange’s brainwashing machine with the dial flipped to “NOSTALGIA.”
However, MS MR has a soul that transcends the sensory assault and curated presentation that Tumblr perpetuates — and also, good songs. “Hurricane” is their best release yet, with its Florence and the Machine-like power and militant drum backing, but tracks like “Bones” also hint at the depth of the project. If we take “Hurricane” as an analogy for the Internet's hype machine, the most important takeaway isn’t the schizophrenic video, but rather, the lyrics: “Welcome to the inner workings of my mind” the Ms half of the band sings, which is quite the human commentary on all this digital ephemera.


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