This Is Our Jam: MS MR, "Dark Doo Wop"

When we last posted about New York pop duo MS MR it was to feature the maximal, no-holds-barred bluster of “Hurricane” and its accompanying Tumblrific video. Now, the band has dialed things back (slightly) for “Dark Doo Wop,” a track that begins within the confines of its title genre before rising into an epic snare-led crescendo.
The result is a torch song that pumps as much adrenaline as it can muster, where lines like "This world is gonna burn, burn, burn" are tempered with the bleakly romantic: “As long as we're going down / baby, you should stick around.” It's an ending that, like the cigarette in the bloodied hand of the cover art, will leave you smoldering.
MS MR—Candy Bar Creep Show
"Dark Doo Wop"
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