Moving In With Your S.O.? 24 Home Goods To Shop Now

Maybe crashing a few nights turned into spending a few weeks and then a few months at your paramour's pad. Or, perhaps, after thoughtful discussion and planning the two of you co-signed the lease on a brand-new apartment. Whatever your situation, moving in with that special someone is a big — no, huge! — deal. Your stuff, their stuff, in one, equally shared space. Don't worry, even the most perfect of perfect couples will have some hiccups along the way.
You make the bed every morning before work whereas your lover leaves clothes, hangers, and sheets in shambles on the floor, to be picked up probably by you. (It's not like I'm using this post to project or anything...) But, hey, that's what learning curves are for! As you adjust to your new living arrangement, the two of you will likely want to invest in some new goods that dovetail both of your tastes. So, we're offering up 24 helpful decor tips (and shoppable picks) that'll truly make your place feel like home.