5 Foolproof Ways To Move Your Furniture Without Breaking Anything

Moving day is never a piece of cake: There are a million things that could go wrong, and ruining your precious furniture is probably among the worst that can happen.
Whether your furniture comes from Ikea or an expensive designer store, you should do your due diligence to shield them from accidental scruffs — or worse, breakage. Before you start loading up the U-Haul, read ahead for our tried-and-true tips on how to protect your beloved pieces from the fate of Ross' couch in Friends.
Get Creative
Bubble wrap is obviously an essential when it comes to moving, but they tend to take up lots of space in your boxes — not to mention it's not the best for the environment. Your fragile items, such as photo frames or smaller pieces of furniture, can be wrapped in old sheets, blankets, or newspaper to cut down on space and environmentally unfriendly waste.
Protect The Legs
When you're moving bed frames, dressers, or desks, wrap your old socks around the legs and keep them secure with a rubber band. This prevents damages to the walls or scratches your hardwood floors.
Use A Shoulder Dolly
Use the laws of physics to your advantage when it comes to lifting bulky items: A Shoulder Dolly is a brilliant contraption that helps shifts the weight of the furniture to your shoulder muscles instead of your back. These lifting straps are ideal for bookcases and dresses, but they are typically a two-person job — and moving them down flights of stairs can be tricky.
Sliding Is Your Friend
Pushing a heavy item across the floor is always going to be easier than picking it up, so you should using sliders as much as you can. Plastic sliders are available at most hardware stores, but your plastic container covers or frisbees can be used as alternatives if you have time to run to the store. You can also use moving blankets as a base.
Protect Your Mattress
Your mattress should undergo as little bending as possible — this damages the foam and may render any product warranty obsolete. Experts from Serta, a mattress brand, recommends measuring the size of your entryway to make sure that your mattress will be able to pass through with no problem. In addition, invest in a mattress bag to protect the it from any moving mishaps and staining.

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