Surprise! The 10 Best After-Credits Movie Scenes

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We all love a good surprise around here. Whether it's an in-office happy hour (yes, that happens) or a mixed-up Seamless order resulting in extra cookies, well, we're generally prone to squealing with delight. So, when it comes to movies? Unless it's one of these terrifying scenes, we love a little something extra.
As a kid, you might remember seeing supplementary scenes way at the end of your favorite Disney or Pixar VHS, but there are plenty of these hidden "easter eggs" for adults, too. We wouldn't call them spoiler alerts, but there may be a few moments you haven't seen before on this list. Going forward, please feel free to annoy all your friends by insisting they stay with you through the credits, just in case.

The Avengers

Because after a whopping two hours and twenty minutes of non-stop action, who doesn't want a little shwarma?

Kill Bill

Man, this movie must have been tedious to film. And, that's not even counting the (fake) blood stains...

Ghost World

Seymour comes out on top, for once — as he should.


This is actually a pretty good approximation of how one feels after watching Crank: The rest of the world just looks so tame.

Fast and Furious 6

First, you're all sad, because one of the main characters is clearly self-destructing after the death of his girlfriend, and it's awful. But then, you're all excited and screaming and jumping out of your seat, because not only is this franchise still not over, but STATHAM. Statham, guys.

Married to the Mob Yes, this is supposed to be weird. The scene was cut from the original film, but director Jonathan Demme wanted to keep this bit of lovable awkwardness in some way, somehow.
Airplane You gotta love a little continuity. Oddly enough, this is one of the most hilarious moments in the movie, and that's saying a lot.

Spice World

A ridiculous end to a ridiculously awesome movie. Bonus: They even thought to make it relevant for VHS viewers!

Cloverfield Not really a scene, per se, but still very mysterious. There's this scrambled message that sounds like nothing, but if you play it backwards (as this video demonstrates), it's a voice saying, "It's still alive."

Empire Records

With Portuguese subtitles, because, why not?

Space Jam Michael Jordan might have been excited for it to end, but he clearly had no idea of the incredible legacy this critically acclaimed film would permanently imprint on all '90s kids.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

The perfect way to end this post.

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