The 5 Most Important Molecules In Your Body Right Now

You — yes you — contain a multitude of tiny molecules doing very big jobs. This is easy to forget when you're, oh, I don't know, worrying about an incoming blizzard or whatever. To shine a light on our inner workings, the latest video from SciShow explains why these molecules are so essential.

First off, this list doesn't include molecules that you have to ingest, such as glucose and water. Instead, it focuses on the ones found inside your body; these are often large and complex enough that biologists call them macromolecules. They include DNA, for one, which is pretty darn important. It's responsible for guiding the building of proteins in your body. There's also the lesser-known enzyme pepsin, which helps in the digestion process, and the oxygen-transporting hemoglobin.

Of course, your body is full of other essential molecules, and deciding which win the "most important molecules award" is a bit subjective. Still, we're very thankful these little guys work so hard.

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