Miansai Makes The Most Stylish Sunglasses Lanyard We’ve Ever Seen

Living in the awesome collaboration age, it comes as no surprise that shades pros Mosley Tribes' team-up with our favorite friendship bracelet maker Miansai makes for one fun and functional pair. Framed in matte black, the blue-mirrored lenses will have you looking and staying cool, especially when linked to the Miansai gray rope and leather embellished lanyard. With those rustic silver hooks, sunnies' strings aren't just for Coach Taylor anymore. But, what else would you expect from one of Miami's top designers, Michael Saiger?
The combo is gender neutral, so both guys and girls should get in line for the limited-time-only collab that will be available exclusively at Barney’s Co-op and for pre-order now on Miansai. They don't come cheap ($295), but neither does a friendship that is built to last. Plus, when it's shady, you can always wrap these babies around you wrist to really cement the relationship.

Photos: Courtesy of Miansai.

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