Your Morning Habits Say More About You Than You Think

Illustrated by Ivy Liu.
We may not always want to admit it — but our habits define parts of our personalities. Whether you like to wake up at 5 a.m. to catch up on emails or hit snooze one too many times, what you do in the morning (for better or for worse) is telling. Think about it: The person who meditates every morning is probably the same person who's perfected a homemade matcha latte and touts the benefits of Kundalini yoga. Sure, we’ll be the first to admit these are generalizations, but they're funny because they're sort of true.
So, on the heels of Reddit’s popular memes, we partnered with Carefree to bring you a starter pack of six types of morning people. You might know one or two of these personalities — or you might be one of them yourself. Read on, then tell us in the comments which you identify with most.

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