Morning Java: Witty Fashion, High Hemp, and Bound Feet

070108_linkamGawker seems actually a little surprised that organza, fuchsia clam diggers, and bizarre fem looks dominate the men's runways this season. Welcome to the show, kids. (Pictured, John Galliano Men's, from Gawker)
Speaking of which, here's an early video roundup of the men's shows in Paris. Taste the weird. (The Moment)
"What is witty fashion?" We wonder that every day. (Chic and Charming)
Wow, man. Hemp fashion is good for the environment, man. Cool. Yeah. What was that? (Eco Conscious Market)
"Fashion is a coded expression of rivalry and desire." That's a very astute intellectual argument. Also, check out these heels we bought—aren't they just fab? (Cosmetic Makeovers)
Evil, foot-binding shoes are being reintroduced into Japanese fashion because self mutilation is appearently hot right now. (New York Toimes, not for the squeamish)

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