Morning Java: Fashion Week for Sale, England's Elvis, Marc's New t.a.T.u.

amlinks0827It's often been said that England and America have a, "special relationship." These Brit fans of Yankee culture, however, throw a little role reversal in to spice up the marriage. (Vice)
Siting a lack of titles covering the subject matter, Spin and Source magazines are repurposing their content to focus on the underreported field of fashion. (Ad Age)
Jill Stuart loves dressing Alexandra Richards and her ludicrously long gams. (Blackbook)
Marc Jacobs will be using t.a.T.u. in his next Russian campaign. Yes, it's okay to feel a bit barfy about this. (NYMag)
Eww, weird. We're not buying whatever they're selling. (Animal)
Michelle Obama's speech was inspiring, but not so much as her dress. (Papierblog)
Again, if you're buying your way into fashion week, we'll be able to tell. (Radar)

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