Morning Java: Electric Smoke, Spray-On Love, and Girlicious

links_072308The Moment says this beautiful $20,000 Tom Binn necklace "defies rationalization." If we had $20,000 lying around, we wouldn't need to rationalize buying two or three of them. (The Moment)
Also on the accessories front, "Restoration Rocks" collection by Cara Tilker makes jewelry out of the Guggenheim's chipped off exterior. If anyone wants to buy chunks of our building, contact the editors. (NYMag)
The best thing "electro cigarettes" have going for them is Daisy Lowe. (Missbehave)
In other questionable gadget news, this spray-on condom sounds like more trouble than it's worth. (Coolhunting)
Were you at the Cheap Monday party too? Missed you. (Paper)
"Girlicious" might or might not be the new "fierce"—either way Blane is so not the new Christian. (NY Daily News)
A breathless—and therefore icky—look at the cool style and sensuality of Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker. (Guardian UK)

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