Morning Java: Bond Overload, Lam Goes to the Bank, and Working Out the Bugs

cicada_links_071008Some enterprising youngsters have used a swarm of dead cicadas to create jewelry. Impressive. Gross, but impressive. (Chicago Tribune)
Cintra Wilson name drops J.G. Ballard, Tilda Swinton, Patrick McGoohan and Immanuel Kant in her review of the Jil Sander store. A Liberal Arts degree has its benefits. (NY Times)
Both Mango and Penelope Cruz will soon be coming to Iraq. Finally, all that suffering and bloodshed pays off. (Radar)
There is just no way Miuccia Prada knows about the lame-ass teddy-bear products her company has made for the Olympics. At least, we hope not. (Animal)
The Moment picks the brains and divines the tastes of 032c editor Joerg Koch. (The Moment)
Derek Lam has sold out—but in a totally good way. (NYMag)
We really can't tell if this James Bond gadgetry website is cool or drags the poor MI6 agent kicking and screaming into fanboy dorkdom. (Kempt)

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