Morning Java: Bespoke Muppets, Karl’s Extras, and Wu Works for Michelle

amlinks_refinery_29_1202Cinematic auteur hauteur Karl Lagerfeld didn't want any old extras for his first foray into film because, "they don't know how to touch the clothes." Peasants. (Fashionologie)
Make your own Muppet. First Obama, then this. It's like we're living in a dream. (The City Room)
Natalie Portman, Michelle Williams, and Roman Polanski collaborate on the best fake perfume ad ever. (Intelligencer)
Also, Mr. Dream President Elect knows that good things come in small packages. (Huffington Post)
You can take Palin out the campaign, but you can't take the campaign clothes off of Palin. (Huffington Post)
Speaking of which, why try to put lipstick on a pig when you can etch the Little Mermaid on its back in ink? (Asylum)
The Teen Voguers pick their Fashion Week faves. Ginchy! (Teen Vogue)
Screw writing for Nylon—in England, Peaches is an editor-at-large. (Guardian UK)
We challenge you to a game of Fashion Rules! (StyleList)
Remember the Fashion Week madness with Look New York. It's like a Highschool Yearbook but with no jocks, more shoes, and Svedka instead of schnapps. (The Cut)
The incomparable skills and judgment of Tyra Banks have launched another aspiring, fresh-faced model into the competitve food service industry. (The Cut)
Michelle Obama wears Jason Wu. Every day, we love her a little more. (Luxist)
The new men's sweater is simultaneously rugged and wacky. (IHT)
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