Morning Java: Elbaz's Recipe, Political Plaid, and Mouret's Menswear

amlinks1113It's not red-state America or blue-state America—we are all one red-and-blue plaid America. (The Daily Beast)
And you know why? Because, "Plaid equals happiness," that's why. (NYT)
The fashion generation gap is changing the look of professional America. (WSJ)
Rogan Gregory, hero to orchids everywhere. (Men.Style)
It's all about Sprouse these days. Even his Louis Vuitton bags may make a comeback. (Fashionologie)
"It's like wonderful food, but with too much butter. I cut the butter from the recipe, and what I am trying to do with the clothes is taking all the know-how, the tradition, the secret of French couture but trying to update it." What? Are you surprised that Alber Elbaz' recipes for food translate to the runway? (Fashionologie)
Roland Mouret gets into men. No, not like that. Well, actually… (Fashionista)
Racked will be live Twittering the H+M Comme des Garçons store openings. Do check them on your phones as you wait on line. (Racked)
The Dov Charney lawsuit keeps on stretching and twisting, like his leotards. (The Cut)
Canada just keeps getting colder cooler. (Slam X Hype)
You'd have to really like golf to snap up these cufflinks. We mean really really like golf. (FabSugar)

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