More Non-News: J. Crew Features “Explicit Ad” Of Gay Couple

Hot on the heels of J.Crew's Executive Creative Director Jenna Lyons painting her five-year-old son's bright pink, the NY-based company is once again heading for some Fox News vitriol by way of their new catalog, which features employees modeling the preppy duds, including one fun shot captioned, "Happy Together. Our designer Somsack and his boyfriend, Micah." Jezebel reports today that ABC weighed in on the non-news-worthy news, saying the new catalog includes "an explicit ad of a same-sex couple," and titling the article, "J. Crew at Center of Gay Economics With Openly Gay Model." In a moment in time where we actually have "Birthers," we shouldn't be surprised if people use the image as an example of the gay brainwashing of America's youths, but inevitably, we still are. J. Crew, understanding how ridiculous this is, declined comment, which just about sums it up. Seriously, if this is explicit, Donald Trump has a healthy head of hair.

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