Frat Boys Art Installation Update: We Now Have Video Footage

Dicks in a box! In case you didn't get enough bro action yesterday, we know have video footage of artist Richie Budd and Subsports' "Come On Guy" installation of drunken frat boys locked in a Plexiglas box. We love the 107.5 FM playing in the background, the penis emblazoned on one dude's cheek, and of course the requisite annoying banter and wasted singing. Even more interesting comes the email we received from Supsports today: "The fashion items from Nooka, Graham Withers, Vandenberg, Beerstache, and Alleged were sold right off the frat boys bodies. We are looking to create a month long store front with the frat boys to sell other wonderful brands. A retail website with the brothers will be along shortly." Because, really, it's so much easier to justify making a purchase when half-naked college kids are advertising it. Quick question—where's Abercrombie in this scenario?

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