More Blackface, PPQ Swim Caps, and Bee Shaffer New Media Secretary

Do buy these PPQ one-off swimming caps for charity. Just don't, you know, actually go swimming in one. That would be dangerous. (My Fashion Life)
The burgeoning, unfortunate blackface trend surfaces again in the current issue of V . (The Cut)
For retro indie designer Rachel Antonoff, ice cream cones and tap dancing are always in. (Corduroy)
Alexa Chung hasn't acclimated to our native population of douchebags. Better get used to it, lady. (My Fashion Life)
Bee Shaffer, recent college grad and daughter of Anna Wintour, has just taken a job as assistant to Rickey Van Veen at College Humor. Yeah, it's a headscratcher. (Guest of a Guest)
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