9 Surprising Ways To Bring More Cold, Hard Cash Into Your Life

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
Let's be real: We wouldn't turn down a little moolah if it came our way. In fact, we'd welcome — okay, maybe urge — any extra money into our wallets. And, if we happen to have exhausted all the money-saving hacks we can find, why not turn to more magical means of stacking cash?
Beyond spells, you can also seek out magical items, such as herbs, oils, and crystals, that are known to attract prosperity and wealth to the person who uses them. This is a great alternative to spellwork if you like to have something tangible (or, you know, if you don't have time to cast elaborate spells).
Bear in mind, that for every charm that promises actual wealth, there is one that offers prosperity instead. As much as we'd like to be prosperous and wealthy, magic works in mysterious ways, and "prosperity" might mean good health or career opportunities — not well-lined pockets. Of course, well-being and success are nothing to sneeze at.
Ahead, we've rounded up nine of the most powerful items for bringing more money into your life. Give them a try for yourself or, if you've already found the magic recipe for more money, share it with us in the comments. (Please just don't tell us to skip our morning latte.)
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Photo: Courtesy of Energy Muse.
Affluence Wrap
Why it's money magic: The pyrite in this bracelet attracts wealth and dispels financial anxieties. It's also a naturally protective crystal, so it should help you avoid any incoming money woes, too.
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Photo: Courtesy of 13 Moons.
Why it's money magic: Bergamot, whether you use it in herbal magic or as an essential oil, definitely encourages prosperity, but it's also known for its soothing and grounding properties. And this is why it'll really come in handy — we could all use a little confidence boost while chasing that promotion, no?
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Boundaries in a Bottle
Why it's money magic: This handmade spray blends a plethora of protective and healing herbs, oils, and stones (including black tourmaline, echinacea, and black pine). Spritz a bit on before dining with that friend who never splits the check or seeing your younger sibling who always hints at a loan.
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Photo: Courtesy of White Magick Alchemy.
Citrine Necklace
Why it's money magic: Like pyrite, citrine is considered a success stone, or one that draws wealth, prosperity, and luck to the wearer. On top of that, it stokes the user's imagination and strengthens their willpower, too — in other words, this is an entrepreneur's best friend.
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Photo: Courtesy of White Magic Alchemy.
Herbal Blend
Why it's money magic: This floral blend combines the relaxing properties of chamomile, the mood-boosting powers of lavender, and the security that roses provide. All that adds up to some seriously attractive energy that you're sure to want around. Display it at your desk or tuck a bit under your pillow.
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Photo: Courtesy of Goddess Provisions.
Manifestation Box
Why it's money magic: For the money witch who likes to be thorough, this box comes with bath soaks, crystals, and other products that will give your manifestations that little extra boost. Oh, and it comes with snacks.
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Photo: Courtesy of Rae Kai.
Prosperity Grid
Why it's money magic: If just one prosperity crystal isn't enough for you, get in the gridding game. This premade grid comes with citrine, clear quartz, and tiger's eye stones — a combination that fosters abundance and inner well-being simultaneously. Balance is key.
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Photo: Courtesy of 13 Moons.
Money & Prosperity Mini Candle Spell
Why it's money magic: Meditate on your money goals while you burn this pocket-sized candle. We recommend anointing your candle with an essential oil like cinnamon, bergamot, or sweet orange, too.
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Photo: Courtesy of Energy Muse.
Raw Pyrite
Why it's money magic: If you'd rather not wear your crystals, just add this raw pyrite crystal to your desk, nightstand, or bookshelf. It'll have the same effects on you and imbue the space it inhabits with more prosperous vibes to boot.

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