Your Money M.O. Profile: Everything Is Negotiable

You’re instinctually money-minded — you live for a deal. Maybe your family planned meals around grocery circulars when you were growing up, or you caught a marathon of Extreme Couponing and never looked back. Either way, you understand the value of hard work and want to make your money go as far as possible. You’re subscribed to tons of sales newsletters, open store cards when there’s a special offer, live and die by daily deals emails, and never miss a sample sale or a trip to the outlet mall.
You almost never pay full price for something, yet you’re still struggling to consistently save money and hit your long-term financial goals. You put tons of energy into seeking out deals and biding your time for the perfect sale, but sometimes you get so excited by a bargain that you shell out for something you never intended to buy in the first place. Your closet and kitchen are stocked for every eventuality with things you bought at rock-bottom prices, but your bank accounts and retirement fund aren’t looking quite as healthy.
In the back of your mind, you wonder what you’re missing and how much further ahead you’d be if you didn’t spring for some of the great deals you see. And you’re starting to question whether your “method” really works — does driving a few miles out of your way to fill up at the cheaper gas station make financial sense once you’ve factored in the extra journey time, or do you just love the satisfaction of paying a lower price? What’s more important, the item itself or the deal?
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