Your Money M.O. Profile: Debt By A Thousand Avocado Toasts

From a distance, you’re doing everything right. You hustled and made it to the city of your dreams (or close enough), and you make it work. You live with roommates and pay reasonable rent, eschew cable for streaming services, and you don’t drive a fancy car or belong to a high-end gym.
The problem is, you have a weakness for the little things. Happy hour, manicures, and the occasional indoor cycling class are the treats that make your day or week. You try your best not to overspend, but find yourself veering off-course — derailed by bottomless brunches and the face serum everyone’s talking about on Instagram.
You try to save, but usually end up transferring cash back into your checking account when you’re running low before payday. You pride yourself on never getting overdrawn, which means you don’t worry about putting charges on your credit card — what harm could $15 at a time do? Everyone you know has some credit card debt, you’re still young, and your salary is only going to increase from here. That second glass of rosé isn’t going to make or break you, right?
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