How To Be Your Own Fragrance Mixologist

There's something so fun about watching a bartender craft a cocktail, seeing how they effortlessly combine the ingredients and create a concoction of pure perfection. It can inspire you to head home and get crafty. Being the beauty geeks that we are, though, our desire to brew our own concoctions aren't of the alcoholic variety — instead we're more jazzed to whip up our own scent blends.
If one perfume smells good on you, think of how awesome two would smell together! Sadly, if you've ever had to take a shower after two of them got into a bar fight of fragrance on your skin, you know that not all scents are meant to coexist in perfect harmony.
We'd like to think that, like any good bartender, a mixing guide should be kept handy at all times. Something to tell you what scent notes play well together so you have a general idea of how to mingle your perfumes to personal perfection. Fortunately for you, we've got just such a thing right here. Read on for our primer on crafting your own private fragrance blend.

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