5 Things To Know This AM — Feb 16 2012

Watch one of our favorite fashion photogs, Garance, prance around Manhattan during Fashion Week. Oui, oui, it's adorable. (Styleist)
The purrrfect makeup to help you look like the cat's pajamas is (obviously) inspired by your feline friends. As if we needed another reason to cram three kitty references into one sentence. (Design Milk)
Unlike Strega Nona, these three Italian chanting witches don't seem very friendly. Watch your back, they might turn you into a dress — yeah, relax, it's Miu Miu. (The Cut)
Guys, he's okay! Bill Cunningham gave us a fright yesterday, but not even a moving SUV could slow the snap-happy shutterbug. (Fashionista)
If David Beckham briefs are not your guy's cup of tea, how about something a little more, um, raw? Fair warning: We're pretty confident that there is not a single woman out there who really thinks jerky can replace classic cotton. (Instructables)
Photo: Via Stylelist

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