Nothing’s Sacred: Missoni For Target Hits Clearance Racks

Much like you thought you'd never see the day when Heidi and Seal called it quits, or Kristin Cavallari decided to reproduce, we're assuming you also thought you'd never see Missoni for Target hit the clearance rack.
Well, look out the window and count the flying pigs, because it's happened. Remember how unbelievably bananas everyone went over this stuff? To the point where shoppers brought down an entire website? Times have totally changed, and now you can scoop up this collab minus the unreal catfighting you once had to endure (mostly online though, so click on over). To everything turn, turn, turn, we guess.
Here's hoping the scalpers remove this stuff from eBay so we can go back to hunting down vintage YSL, just like always. (Fantabulously Frugal)
missoni for target clearance
Photo: Via Fantabulously Frugal

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