Mini Models Riot, Bangs for Babies, and Sleeping in the Belly of a Bear

links-0316-refinery29Dazed contributor Susie Bubble left dazed by the mag's new pictorial and cover. (Style Bubble)
The massively over-attended ANTM casting call for models 5'7" and under resulted in riots, stampedes, brawls, arrests, and injuries. Maybe this is why the industry standard is 5'9" and up. Just sayin'. (Gawker)
There was an awesome party after the Fendi show with Beth Ditto, Herr Karl, Kate Moss, and many, many more fashion flunkies and haute couture hangers on. Somehow, this is groundbreaking news worthy of publishing in the most important newspaper on earth. (NYT)
Speaking of Ms. Ditto, designers may be loving alternative-body It girls these days, but the beanpoles walking down the runway are the same. (WaPo)
Finally, slap-on bangs for babies. (Jezebel)
The versatility of the Snuggie is challenged by the Sleeping Bag Suit. (Stye List)
On the subject of scary places to nap, how about cozying down inside of a bear? (What's Wrong With the Zoo)
Per usual, we're siding with Ms. Odell on this one. (CityFile)

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