Can You Wash Your Hair With Micellar Water?

If you live and die by the French beauty bible, then you already know that micellar water is at the top of its commandments. And it makes sense. The skin-care staple, which cleanses your face without harsh tap water, has been beloved by Parisians for years. In fact, one bottle of Bioderma Crealine H2O is sold every three seconds. (A quick primer for those unfamiliar: Micellar water cleanses your face with micelles, tiny fatty acid clusters that suck up dirt and oil when you sweep them across your face — no need to rinse.).
If micellar water is such a skin-care savior, then you know the hair industry would end up trying its hand at the craze eventually. And this year, we've already seen two products that boast the miracle ingredient — and claim to work for all textures, too.
Devacurl Buildup Buster and Redken's Clean Maniac System are both different from typical micellar water in a major way: You have to rinse them out with water. Other than that, they include the same cleansing and balancing technology as the O.G. We put them to the test on three hair types to see if they lived up to their claims.

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