Duh Alert: Cuban Coffee Is Making Our City A Culinary Capitol

The rest of the world is finally listening to Miami’s (not-so-hushed) secret: We are a definite culinary hotspot. (For those not paying attention, Top Chef did give the city its Bravo-applause when it filmed season three way back in 2007. Just sayin'.) With no shortage of caught-that-day seafood (ah, the beach life), fresh coconut juice, and authentic Cuban cuisine, Miami is now ready for a epicurean takeover of a different sort. This one's liquid, guys.
Being that we’re just a swim away from Cuba, the island has had a distinctively tasty influence on our meals, from traditional, slow-roasted meats to sweet, fried plantains. But, hold the protein for a sec — what we love most is having authentic Cuban coffee on-hand, anytime. What sets this cup o’ joe apart? Peter Karpinski, co-founder and COO of Sage Restaurant Group, tells us that the cuppa's secret lies in a perfectly balanced addition of sea salt (yum!) and sugar. Equally tasty is a kind of ritual that comes with sipping it, what he describes as connecting with, “a sense of community and kindred spirits.” To satisfy your taste and cultural curiosity, Karpinski recommends Puerto Sagua, Casa Lario, and David’s Cafe for the true Cuban coffee experience. Consider us jittery with excitement!

Photo: Courtesy of David's Cafe

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