M.I.A. Shows Her Jaws, Madden Teams With The Olsens, and Bergdorf Bums

French style bloggers and a trip to the legendary Parisian Père Lachaise cemetery set the stage for some glammy, gothy Gallic fun. (Fashion Copious)
Ye Olde Natalie Portman, normally all sugar and spice, tries to fierce it up a bit with a raging rockabilly, Mario Testino-shot V cover. Good for her. (WWD)
(Scary M.I.A. gonna bite 'cha. (The Cut)
Former head of the Vogue Party Planning Committee, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, will direct the upcoming Lincoln Center-based New York Fashion Week. (My Style)
During a recent run in, Eileen Fisher told Rosie O'Donnell, a Fisher fan, that plus-size was, "not the image that we're going for," causing the comic to switch to Donna Karan and, we imagine, cry. (WWD)
Hipster Runoff breaks down the best Halloween Costumes of "2k9". including "Where the Wild Alt Bro" and—wouldn't you know it—our favorite slice of pizza! (Hipster Runoff)
Should adults wear Stella McCartney's Gap Kids collection? Well… there's a whole lot of "if"s involved. (Racked)
Lady Gaga has landed herself a MAC beauty campaign. Do remember that the woman regularly obscures her face in lace, plastic, wood, or whatever else is nearby. (The Cut)
Even in these tough economic times, the price of homeless chic is a mean $3,000 at Bergdorf. (The Awl)
Steve Madden, who used to own a shoe company with ads featuring artificial women with puny bodies and doll-like heads, now makes footwear for Olsenboye, a line owned by the Olsen Twins who actually have puny bodies and doll-like heads. Funny how life works out. (StyleList)
"We sit around in our undies with a beer, a salad, good music and just chat and laugh."—Abbey Lee Kershaw talking about what her and gal pal Catherine McNeil get up to when they're not working. Photographic examples (minus beers and salad) available here. (Pedestrian)
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