6 Guys Get Quizzed On Periods — And Fail Miserably

Beyond the basics they learn in middle school health class, how much do cis men really know about periods? Not that much, according to a video created by the charity Plan U.K. and V.Point News to launch #JustATampon, a campaign that aims to reduce the stigma of talking about menstruation, while also raising awareness about women's access to sanitary products around the globe. In the video, six men are asked to explain how menstruation cups and tampons work — and the results are hilarious.
Photo: Courtesy of V. Point.
For starters, few could identify a menstrual cup. One man asks, "is this a shewee, you know, that they use at festivals?" Another notes that "it looks like something the doctor checks your ears with." As for tampons, various men struggled with figuring out how they work. "This is some rocket science," one guy says.
Photo: Courtesy of V. Point.
As the video's synopsis says, "Half of the world's population goes through menstruation at some point, yet periods remain a taboo topic for most people." Meanwhile, only 12% of females have access to sanitary products, and one in 10 girls miss school when they're on their periods, according to V.Point, the producer of the video. Plan U.K. and V.Point hope this video gets a dialogue going and helps educate everyone about what it means to have a period. Yes, you need to change out your tampon every four to six hours, and yes, that means you need access to a restroom. And, most importantly, yes, tampons, pads, and menstrual cups cost money. "I used to play with these when I was younger," one man in the video says, holding a tampon. "[My mom] was always like, stop, that costs money!"

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