5 Pro Tips That Can Transform Your Closet

We may not all have the double-doored, walk-in, shelf-lined, perfectly lit closet that we dream about, but that doesn't mean we can't make the most of what we've got. So, to help you get your sh*t together once and for all, we called in some back-up assistance. We're talking about closet-organizing whiz Melanie Charlton of Clos-ette, who's laid out five non-negotiable rules — including a new set of 10 commandments — that may forever change that way that you get dressed. And, before you take on your own closet, be sure to shop Charlton's own sworn-by Clos-ette storage items right on R29 Shops. This organizing thing has never been easier.
Narrowing down my favorite tips for organizing with style was as challenging for me as cleaning out the closet is for most women. I’m so obsessed with keeping stuff streamlined that I even wrote a book about it.
But, then I remembered a favorite cliché — little things make a big difference. Or, taking baby steps now will let you leap later — that sort of thing (which, incidentally, I do believe!). Get these parts of your closet in order, and your world will change. Promise.

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