Megababe’s Geo Deo Keeps My Body Odor At Bay

I've largely associated Megababe with its best-selling anti-chafing Thigh Rescue. After trying it last year, it quickly beat out just about any other chub-rub remedy I've tried thus far, and I assumed that was probably the extent of wellness solutions I'd find from Katie Sturino's powerhouse brand. Little did I know that only months later, another Megababe product would alter my preconceptions of body care. Enter Megababe's clean-scented, mineral-forward natural deodorant Geo Deo. It keeps my body odor at bay and finally converted me to the natural-deodorant fan club.
One Megababe reviewer gushed about the powers of Geo Deo, claiming, "This deodorant covers any smell I might have, which has never happened! Even when I used regular deodorant with aluminum I would still smell if I was super anxious. This has been a game-changer for me! I can go all day without having to clean and reapply and I DON'T SMELL! This is the absolute best deodorant ever!!"
I've been using the Geo Deo for many months now, and I, too, have so many positive feelings about this product. Read on for my review of Geo Deo, including a breakdown of everything you need to know about the product and my experience using it over the past few months.
Geo Deo comes in a small cylindrical plastic container in monochromatic blue. It fits easily in most purses, but you may run into a little trouble fitting it into a bag that's super thin in width. To apply the deodorant, simply remove the light-blue cap and twist the navy bottom to push up the deo stick. The consistency is similar to that of a traditional powdery deodorant, but it's a little thicker, more like a light paste. At $14 for a 2.6 oz. stick, it's definitely not cheap, but I find the benefits and efficacy outweigh the more expensive price point. Plus, a higher price tag is typical for natural deodorants.

I apply a few swipes of Geo Deo, and I usually am okay for many hours or even the whole day without reapplying. I've even noticed less irritation in my armpit area and a reduction of bumps since I've been using this product.

Chichi offor, Associate Affiliate Writer
For years, I heard about the benefits of natural deodorant. I've read about the role sweat plays in regulating body temperature and how antiperspirant interferes with this because it contains aluminum, a metal that prevents sweating and clogs pores in the process. I have hyperhidrosis, which means I sweat a lot more than the average person, so antiperspirant deodorant has never really stopped sweating for me. However, it has always kept me from smelling super stinky, so I definitely saw natural deodorant's allure. But no brand seemed to be a match for my B.O. — I'd have to reapply it constantly to keep from stinking up a space.
I started using Geo Deo back in the late fall of 2021. It wasn't intentional to be completely honest. I ran out of my Secret gel deodorant and remembered I'd received a PR package with a few Megababe deodorants in it. Although the Green Deo and the Smoothie smelled wonderful, my body's chemistry worked best with the blue Geo Deo. The deodorizing mineral mix of baking soda, kaolin clay, zinc oxide, and magnesium hydroxide are perfect for combatting my body's B.O. and smell clean and light (it's scented with eucalyptus, cedarwood, and mint) as well. Too much baking soda in deodorant can alter skin's pH balance and cause irritation. However, only half of the standard amount was used in Geo Deo for the perfect mix of impactful ingredients.
Typically, I apply a few swipes of Geo Deo and am okay for many hours or even the whole day without reapplying. I've even noticed less irritation in my armpit area and a reduction of bumps since I've been using this product, which may be because t it contains soothing ingredients like shea butter, colloidal oatmeal, and sea buckthorn. I suspect my pores are no longer clogged with aluminum, and the Geo Deo has had a moisturizing effect on my pits. The biggest pitfall is that it transfers on clothing occasionally, especially if I apply too much. On darker clothes, it can be more noticeable, so I try to remember less is more. Fortunately, stains come out pretty easily in the wash.
When it comes down to it, this is the best natural deodorant I have ever tried. It singlehandedly made me believe it was possible to be fully protected from bad B.O with unharmful ingredients taking the lead.
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