All Hail NYC’s Coolest (And Best!) Cabbie

Getting into a New York City cab is not unlike a White Elephant gift exchange— you're uneasy for a bit, you laugh a bit, (and maybe in a cab, you hold on for dear life a bit). But if you ever have the privilege of jumping in Max Cohen's yellow car, it's sure not to be one of those awkward rides where your driver tells you the radio is broken and, suspiciously, can only stay on his station. Instead, this renowned cabbie will get you where you're going, with enlightening conversation— and fast. Not only is Cohen, an SVA grad with a BFA in film, attempting to take the fastest lap around Manhattan, but he's also looking to make an urban parody of Waiting For Godot, with an all too familiar tale of two frustrated NY'ers waiting for the G train. To see Max's directing chops, you can watch him drive the length of Manhattan, hitting only green lights, and then throw him an extra tip (or hundred) on his kickstarter. We hail him.... literally. (New Yorker)

Photo: Via Max's Kickstarter

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