Maude in Sparkles, The Garment District Back in the Day, and Bringing the Bea Up to Code

golden-girls-refinery29-041Witness Maude rendered in glitter! We are beyond words. (Urlesque)
Take a trip back to the Garment District of the '60s where garments were actually made and track suits did not clutter the windows. (Jezebel)
The Mayor's Office of Special Enforcement says that The Beatrice needs a sprinkler system, wider exits, and, judging by the presence of Sean Avery at the "Free Bea" party, a stricter door policy. (NYP)
Greedy Michael Jackson prevents us from taking his glittery possessions at cut-rate prices as he reaches a settlement preventing the Neverland auction. (People)
Jane Aldrige of Sea of Shoes gets herself a TV interview. Too bad she doesn't own a TV. (Sea of Shoes)

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