Best of the Week: March 2 – 6

refinery29-best-030609Six Spring Suits That Are Anything But Business As Usual Doing menswear-y right, with none of the I-work-at-a-law-firm look.
Trend Alert: Wearing Your Apartment On Your Person! Since this is happening... will someone please fashion a pillow into a hat? It would make the subway ride great. Thanks.
Rad or Bad? The All-Lydia Issue When "Hearst" is your last name, these things are to be expected.
From Outcast to Awesome: 17 Famous Nerds Who Paved the Way Whether you were one of them or you ignored them in high school, it's their time now.
The Short Stack: Our Favorite Undersized Models Remember when 50cent was all "go shorty, it's ya birthday"? Well, that, except less birthday and more runway. Rock on, teensies!
Save/Turn Heads! Four Helmets You'll Actually Want to Wear Safety that looks good?! Wow. Hopefully, someone'll jazz up shin guards soon too.
Pete Miszuk and Model Pal Iekeliene Stange Take Milan Fashion Week By Storm Forget the Duomo, this is the Milano you really want to see.
10 Exclusive Spring Fashion Spreads From Our Latest Online Addiction The grown up gal's version of paper dolls. Fuuuuuun!
Eau de Leigh Lezark, Mickey Boardman, and Mark the Cobra Snake? Distilling the Scent of a Nightlife Star Next up: Lily Allen scratch'n'sniff stickers and Lady Gaga scented markers.
Our Latest Street-Style Obsession Has Us Seeing Spots Polka dots are reminiscent of twister, fifties housewife skirts, and ladybugs. All awesome.

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