This Is Our Jam Premieres: Madrid, "Let Go Of Me"

To hear that Marina Vello was a member of Bonde de Rolê and Adriano Cintra a founder of CSS might give you the wrong idea about their new project, Madrid. Unlike the funk Carioca of the former or the frenetic electro of the latter, Madrid leans toward piano-driven lounge with nary a synth in sight.
"Let Go of Me," the new single from its self-titled album, has a vaudevillian theatricality, bolstered by arpeggiated piano and marching snare ta-ta-taps. As Vello and Cintra trade romantic barbs, the track evokes an alternate history where sepia-toned pop was performed to smoky rooms of dandies and flappers. It's a world we wish we could visit more often. The deluxe version of their self-titled album is out December 4.
"Let Go of Me"
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Photographed by Cassia Tabatini

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