Twitter Troll: Lydia Hearst Chills With John Waters, Anna's Notecards, And A Cocktail To Celebrate Daylight Savings

LHearst: "♡" We might be rendered speechless in the presence of John Waters too, but really? No pithy comment on Pink Flamingos?
bunnyBISOUS: "Feeling v. out of loop. Missing that vital last run of Paris =bummer. Now attending to fam in PA (& sadly missing Bluefly/Harley interview)." We had Paris FOMO too, but don't all happens again in seven months.
vanityfairmag: "Spring Ahead: A special cocktail for Daylight Savings weekend!" Mmmm, serrano-pepper infused tequila. Just what we need when we're losing an hour of sleep.
samantharonson: "If you're sleeping with someone who has a 10 pack of toothbrushes in their bathroom, you're probably not the only one." At least they're considerate.
bryanboy: "It just occured to me that Anna Wintour's notecards are from Cartier. Yes. Cartier!" Now we're picturing a fashion editrix notecard face-off a la American Psycho.

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