Lush’s New Body Scrub Brings The Beach To Your Bathtub

Body scrubs are essential come summer, what with all the leg- and arm-baring that happens. But, as we've learned, microbeads are pretty terrible for the environment. So terrible, in fact, that legislation has been introduced to ban them. The tiny plastic beads that work to slough off dead skin are too small to get caught in water filtration, so they're showing up in the tens of millions in the Great Lakes. Being the environmentally minded company that it is, Lush decided to do something about it, creating a brand-new exfoliant out of something you may be seeing a lot of this weekend — sand. The Life's A Beach body scrub is formulated with sand and sea salt, and has a warm vanilla-caramel scent. It was born out of the brand's desire to help end the use of microbeads, but still allow body-scrub lovers to get the safe exfoliation they crave. In fact, 100% of the sale price will be donated to grassroots organizations that are working to eliminate microplastic pollution. Couple that with the fact that this scrub is just so ridiculously clever, and you've got a recipe for a fly-off-the-shelves product.  Does it work? I'm happy to report that yes, it does. It's kind of a strange sensation to scrub with sand — it feels a bit like you're rolling around on the beach after getting out of the ocean. But, the scent is delicious without being overpowering, and the sea salt doesn't sting. When I emerged from the shower, my legs were silky-smooth — and I got there 100% guilt-free.  Life's A Beach is limited-edition, and it launches on June 5 at Lush stores and online. At a reasonable $6.95, you can stock up and feel good about helping the environment. There's something major to look forward to this summer — besides the actual beach, that is. Lush Life's A Beach Body Scrub, $6.95, available June 5 at Lush

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