5 Things To Know This AM — Jul 30 2012

Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, it may also be the best-dressed one, too. Get a load of this waffle iron whose signature maple-syrup pockets need no introduction. (Incredible Things)
While some of us may have a hard time going a week, (heck, even a day) without picking up a new treat, this woman has held off for five years so far. Her story is inspiring, and might even convince you to put away the plastic and really take stock of everything you own. (Stylelist)
It seems like you can't swing a gold medal these days without knocking down at least half a dozen Olympics-inspired collections. Still, we think there's plenty of room for all of the lines, especially when they're as fun as these Converse sneaks inspired by the summer games. (MTV Style)
It's time! It's time! September issues of our go-to glossies are starting to hit the racks. We know some readers won't be fans of the record-breaking ad pages, but on the bright side, our favorite design houses' ads tend to knock it out of the park. (Fashonista)
Alright, so maybe these Jackson Pollock Crocs aren't exactly ready-to-wear, but they're undeniably more chic than the Dora the Explorer ones our little nieces sport. (Artsicle)

Photo: Via Incredible Things


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