Louis Pops, Profits Down But Hems Up, and Save H.O.T.R.!

links-refinery29-0312Big fan of the megabrands? Well suck on this. (High Snobiety)
And if you need a place to store that sucker, why not pack it and a Thermos of poison in one of the most evil lunchboxes in the world? (Trend de la Creme)
Listen up NewsCorp! Don't you dare shutter our beloved Heard on The Runway. You hear? Just don't. (The Cut)
However, it seems we'll have twice as muchInven.tory to enjoy come this time next week. Perhaps life isn't all bad. (Racked)
The last few rounds of flesh-baring runway shows seem to have disproved the old theory that hemlines fall to the ground in a weak economy. That, or the world was just plain old horny. (The Cut)

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