5 Things To Know This AM — Apr 20 2012

Because we obviously want a pair of Louboutins for every possible occasion, the designer now offers a high-end shoe for the neoprene set. Surf's up! (High Snobette)
For the nature enthusiast who also happens to be a nail-art lover, we've found a spring mani that really lets you to show off your green thumb...on every one of your digits. (Clossette)
Sweet puppy sweaters are just the start of what's to come in the future of canine fashion. Take a look at the certified doggy designers as they debut their collections at FIT, and of course, check out all the four-legged models. Squee! (The Cut)
Did you know you can sharpen your dull razor on a pair of jeans? Seriously. Check out the nine other things you should know how to do... including a few terrifying skills we're praying we never have to use. (Today I Found Out)
Um, Manic Pixie Dream Girl rehab? We wonder what Kirsten Dunst — or The Onion, for that matter — would have to say about this. (The Frisky)
Photo: Via High Snobette

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