Lost in Karl’s Maze, Uggier UGGS, and Bud at Coco’s

chanel-refinery29-0211aAirport security should love this new Chanel bag. (My Fashion Life)
Funny that it takes The Daily Show to put all this Michelle Obama fashion frenzy into perspective. Indeed, there are more important things. (Jezebel)
How to snag Kanye West gal pal Amber Rose's&hellip… unique style on the cheap. First step, get out that Lady Bic. (The Frisky)
Fake snow used in chemical attack at Galliano show. Injuries reported. (Fashionologie)
Herr Lagerfeld explains his elegant maze runway used for this week's Chanel show, then trails off muttering something about his mornings, getting lost in the supermarket, and how kids these days just don't respect their elders like they did in his time. (The Cut)
And you thought Uggs couldn't get more U-G-L-Y? Silly human. (The Pocket Lint)
Phoebe Philo skips the runway at Celine and goes straight to a capsule line. (Fashionista)
In our years of covering fashion, we have heard of nothing better than pounding Budweiser in Coco Chanel's personal apartment. (Style)

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